About us

About Dr. Volker Wittpahl

Over many years Dr. Wittpahl gained experience of design and usability engineering in the Development Center of Philips in Eindhoven (Netherlands). For more than ten years he has worked in the field of digital innovation, and has for years lectured on new media, design and innovation management at various universities in northern Germany.

About visuamundo

The visuamundo GbR was founded in 2007 in Oldenburg (Oldb) by Dr.-Ing. Volker Wittpahl. Whilst Wittpahl identifies and develops new market strategies for the young agency, his team develops concepts and technically implements the design of the ideas.

visuamundo quickly developed into an organisation which operates not only regionally but also internationally and has, meanwhile, become one of the leading agencies for web design in Google Earth and other geobrowsers. The team of the innovative agency is supported by several freelance correspondents, an intensive interconnectedness with the regional academic landscape as well as an experienced team of distribution partners.

Our Service for You

Do you wish to inform your clients in a convincing manner? If so, visuamundo can offer you outstanding, individual solutions: Maps that provide a clear overview, films that make a 3D experience of the project location possible and information that is unforgettable.

Our core capabilities:

The creation of

  • Google Earth and Google Maps-based high quality maps
  • Google Earth-based informational films
  • Highest quality 3D-Graphics and Films
  • Interactive design and usability consultation

Furthermore, we offer consultation and training courses in these areas.

We are distinguished

Once a year, the "Initiative Mittelstand" awards an Innovation Prize to firms from the IT branch. The awarded products chosen by a high-calibre jury of scholars, branch experts and specialised journalists stand for a high degree of innovation and knowledge of medium-sized businesses. As one of the over 1600 applicants, visuamundo convinced the jury with its unique form of information visualisation in geobrowsers.

Innovation Product 2008 of the "Initiative Mittelstand"

Innovation Product 2009 of the "Initiative Mittelstand"

Our Mission

"I believe we need a 'Digital Earth'. A multi-resolution, three-dimensional representation of the planet, into which we can embed vast quantities of geo-referenced data."
(Al Gore, Vizepräsident der USA, 1998)

In 1998, Al Gore expressed his vision of a digital global representation that makes easy access to all location-based information possible. Today, the technical foundation has been laid and visuamundo is contributing its comprehensive implementation:

  1. We are an innovative, interdisciplinary and flexible start-up organisation that cooperates with various universities.
  2. We are experts in Google Earth and 3D-Graphics and offer competencies focused in the area of digital global representation.
  3. We offer a "wow!" effect via intuitive use and emotional experiences in on- and offline project visualizations for everyone.