Saving the Forests of Borneo

Client: World Wildlife Fund, Google.
This film, released by Google for the World Climate Conference, illustrates the scope of the deforestation and draining of the peat bog forests of Borneo. With the help of aerial photographs and graphics, it explains the problem and the counteractive measures taken by the WWF. ...more [video]

Vodafone Research and Development.

Client: Vodafone Research and Development.
Next to work for producers of navigation software, visuamundo also develops concepts for 3D-informational designs and user interfaces for mobile phone providers. In this project, the implementation of 3D-auctions on mobile phones was evaluated. ...more [image]

Living by the Turmkanal

Client: Kapels Architects.
Many materials describe a planned real estate project: Aerial images, floorplans, building plans, 3D-models, 3D-graphics etc. - visuamundo makes the all jointly accessible in Google Earth. In this manner, construction plans are illustrated clearly and convincingly. ...more [video]

Wind farm in northern Germany

Client: Project developer.
A true-to-life simulation of the wind park simplifies presentations for residents, public authorities and investors. Every viewpoint of the installation can be taken in interactively. Engineering data are made understandable on-location. ...more [video]

Property Marketing JadeBay

Client: JadeBay Development.
Companies can survey available commercial properties comprehensively in an interactive map. Current aerial images of the construction status, surface plans and infrastructure are incorporated. The map is updated automatically daily. ...more [series of images]

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Catastrophe Precautions in Bolivia

Client: Caritas International.
An interactive 2D-map on the Caritas website shows an overview of the project areas in Bolivia that are threatened by drought or flooding. Problems are presented by means of aerial images, texts and videos of the location. ...more [series of images]

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The Green Belt

Client: Valuable biotopes along the former borders between East and West Germany have remained untouched and preserved for more than 40 years. An extensive interactive map informs the public about four example regions and their rare flora and fauna. ...more [video]

Clients on visuamundo

The presentation of the "Green Belt" on Google Earth sets new standards for communication in nature conservation projects. Thanks to visuamundo, this ambitious project was realized in a short amount of time in very high quality.

Dr. Norbert Franck, Director of Public Relations for BUND Germany

Worldwide Spectrum of Topics Covered

visuamundo creates representations of projects in all parts of the Earth. Main areas of focus are Middle and South America as well as Germany.

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