Environmental Visualization

Use productions from visuamundo for your organisation's films, websites and presentations. Allow your target group to take an impressive journey through project regions. Allow them to better experience the context of your work.

Show intact habitats and threatened regions via aerial images and 3D-landscapes. Convey the feeling of being on-location and allow an emotional connection to be created. Your existing materials such as texts, videos and maps will be made more understandable by embedding them in the "real" environment.

Your projects around the globe become accessible at a glance on the virtual globe. Thanks to the unusual representation by visuamundo, you can strengthen the effectiveness of the media content of your websites and presentations and be remembered by your target group.

We're looking forward to your inquiry.

Saving North American Wildlife in a Warmer World

Freedom To Roam

Google Earth Production, Film
Various projects to protect migration routes and habitats are presented. ...more [video]
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